Category: Site News.

New is New

Welcome to the new Xitol website, we’ve gone through and updated the whole site to co-incide with the development of Zone.

When we mean new, we mean brand new. We’ve overhauled our theme and design as well as add community features to the site, with forums coming soon.


Bug Alert

We do expect to see a few teathing bugs with the site, we have already set about working on a few UI bugs we have encountered that were not intially presant during testing, if you encounter any of these bugs please let us know.


Zone News

Zone is currently underway and the featured image of the map Undergroundis set to change in the coming weeks as Underground gets an all new visual style. Expect regular Zone and Xitol updates starting Xitol Day (August 8th).


For now we hope you enjoy the new site and sign up ready for when we start talking about Zone some more!