Xitol Day – Xitol is 8 on 8/8

Xitol Day has come again…

Every year we celebrate Xitol Day the 8th August, when Xitol itself came to be. Xitol was founded on the funny date of the 8th August 2008 8/8/8 and now in 2016 we celebrate a special 8 years as a group, 8 being our special number.

Normally we’d have something massive planned but, we are too far into the development of Zone to step back and celebrate this special milestone, for most of the 8 years we’ve not been focused on game development, that only started in 2012 with the original Zone concept.


Some News…

With that being said we do have some Xitol Day news and announcements, sticking to our special number of 8, Zone will be including 8 unique multiplayer maps for team and FFA play, in Ranked, Social and Custom matches. Each map will also have 8 secrets to discover unlocking something special.

We will also be re-releasing Zeon Breaker for Free on iOS and Windows Store shortly with added feature and massive back end changes and fixes.


We out!

Its a very subdued Xitol day announcement and celebration, but we’re putting all our effort into Zone and can’t wait to share some exciting news and progress post Gamescom.


– J45PER


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