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The Xitol Update: February 7th 2014

Return of the update, and then some…


Jumping straight in.

Lets get to it the updates are back after a short delay without them and the content drops this week come in one day. This week at Xitol as mentioned in the Mid-Week Update developers on both projects have been coming back from personal days (as we are a small Indie studio we have personal days off rather than holidays) and game development on both projects has resumed at the same pace it was left at. However we have delayed a Zeon breaker update from yesterday until next week for content creation reasons and all will be explained next week.

We’ll have more details on all of next weeks news updates with the Monday Brief but it will be a busier few weeks as we are leading up to the release of Zeon Breaker!



Interview time…

Earlier today Will dropped his first update on an interview with Two-16 designer Matt Flowers, the first of many Breaking In interviews we’ll be doing this year and they are to introduce you to the team as well as their thinking, background and lifestyle and how they impact the studio they are at. So far we are focusing on the guys at Two-16 Games as their project Zeon Breaker is almost ready for release.



More new people!

Besides the interviews that we will be doing to introduce you to our teams we’ll be opening the gates to a few more content posters on Each person with their own features related to development, news and events and we will start to talk more about it next Friday.



We out.

That’s it for this weeks updates, check out the site on Monday for the Monday Brief and our full schedule.

- J45PER


Xitol is an Independent Games Studio focusing on both Mobile and Household gaming with the current focus being on PC and Mobile. Xitol not only works on creating our own games but is open to develop game expansions for other games, the group that originally calls themselves Xitol was originally a team of 5 since August 8th 2008 (strange we know).

Xitol is now building a team of developers to help build upon our projects and get us into the Indie Developer spotlight.

Although we are not a major studio; but we have great ideas and want to share them with others. We also push onto mobile platforms notably Windows Phone and Apple iOS, not just with games but innovative and creative applications. Xitol is also looking at 2D games through the Two-16 label and is currently finishing off Zeon Breaker for Tablets, PC and Mobile.

Xitol itself has worked on Zone which is currently on hold and used as a demonstration of some of our abilities as creative ideas, and is working on a yet to be announced 3D project.




  • The main studio label working on main 3D and 2D projects for various platforms.

  • Specialist label for 2D projects more details found at

  • Specialist label for creative based projects for external clients.