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Forum Titles Update – 12th Feb 2015

Current Forum Titles

Standard Title Prefix

Here are the following progression titles prefixes, these are earned through constant activity from Honourable up to Master.

Honourable Member Badge (Descript)

Senior Member Badge (Descript)

Elder Member Badge (Descript)

Fabled Member Badge (Descript)

Glorified Member Badge (Descript)

Exalted Member Badge (Descript)

Master Member Badge (Descript)


Title Tiers

Title Tiers range from Member through to Champion Member with each tier being harder to obtain and accessible to only the most loyal. These tiers change the background of your prefix badge and title. Standard members have a black background to their rank badges. Possible ranks to obtain for example are Glorified Legendary Member or Fabled Champion Member, with the Title Prefixes being unlocked in their normal fashion.

Legend Tier Badge (Descript)

Epic Tier Badge (Descript)

Champion Tier Badge (Descript)


Special Badges

Xitol Staff Badge (Descript)

Xitol Moderator Badge (Descript) 2

Banned Badge (Descript)

XTL Founder Badge (Descript)

XTL Badge (Descript)

Former Badge (Descript)

Zone Dev Badge (Descript)

Zone Beta Badge (Descript)

Zone Supporter Badge (Descript)

ZB Dev Badge (Descript)

ZB Beta Badge (Descript)

ZB Supporter Badge (Descript)

Xitol Forum Beta Badge (Descript)


Xitol is an Independent Games Studio focusing on both Mobile and Household gaming with the current focus being on PC and Mobile. Xitol not only works on creating our own games but is open to develop game expansions for other games, the group that originally calls themselves Xitol was originally a team of 5 since August 8th 2008 (strange we know).

Xitol is now building a team of developers to help build upon our projects and get us into the Indie Developer spotlight.

Although we are not a major studio; but we have great ideas and want to share them with others. We also push onto mobile platforms notably Windows Phone and Apple iOS, not just with games but innovative and creative applications. Xitol is also looking at 2D games through the Two-16 label and is currently finishing off Zeon Breaker for Tablets, PC and Mobile.

Xitol itself has worked on Zone which is currently on hold and used as a demonstration of some of our abilities as creative ideas, and is working on a yet to be announced 3D project.